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Countless Connections in Literature and Math

Steve Bloom

January 12th
at Butler University, South Campus, Room 116


9:00 am-12:00 pm




breakfast and certificate for professional growth points earned

Using Children’s Literature in Math Class, grades K-6

Math helps us make sense of the world. So does literature. Math is concerned with problem solving. So is literature. Math involves patterns. So does literature.

Do you enjoy sharing a “good story” with your students? Do they seem most engaged during a read-aloud? What books—stories, poetry, nonfiction, or otherwise—do you already use with your student mathematicians?

This workshop will enhance elementary teachers’ understandings of the myriad connections between the too-often-separated worlds of children’s literature and mathematics. Participants will:

  Link children’s literature selections to important math concepts and skills in the grade K-6 math curricula.

  Engage in exemplary lessons launched by and thoughtfully connected with engaging children’s literature selections.

  Explore ways to help students “dig into” content that is most often taught procedurally.

  Develop strategies to assess student understandings and skills using meaningful math tasks connected to stories.

  Examine criteria for selecting and using high quality math-related children’s literature.

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