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Teach Like This

with Kelly Gallagher

February 3rd
at Butler University, Reilly Room, Atherton Union


9:00 am-3:00 pm




breakfast, lunch and a certificate for earned professional growth hours

Teach Like This: Inspiring readers in middle, upper elementary and middle school

“Why should I read?” students ask.

“I already read that book…”

” I don’t get it…”

“That has nothing to do with my life…” they say.

Teacher-consultant Kelly Gallagher helps us understand how to avoid and actually reverse “readicide,” the unintentional systematic killing of students’ love for reading that plagues our schools. With ready-to-use minilessons and a wide range of small group and whole group activities, Kelly will support us in teaching students not only to comprehend difficult texts but also develop the skills and behaviors of lifelong learners. Teachers will leave the workshop with practical ideas to:

– Motivate students to read a broad range of challenging texts
– Teach students to self-monitor their comprehension and “fix it” when it falters
– Ignite the desire to revisit texts and gain a deeper level of understanding about them

This workshop is specifically geared towards classroom and English/Language Arts teachers in grades 4-8. Educators in other disciplines and grade levels are also welcome and will find the featured strategies adaptable and scalable to meet many needs.

Kelly is a high school English/Language Arts teacher, former co-director of a National Writing Project site in California, and and author of six professional texts for teachers, including Write Like This, Readicide, and Reading Reasons. He is also featured in four DVDs, including Building Adolescent Readers. 

For accessibility information or to request disability-related accommodations, please visit http://www.butler.edu/event-accommodations/

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