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Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices: Tasks for Reasoning and Problem Solving

Courtney Flessner

January 28th
at Virtual Event


4:30 pm-6:30 pm


$150 for series or $25 single session


content + Q/A

Implement Tasks that Promote Reasoning and Problem Solving

part of The Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices series

In 2014, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) published Principles to Action. In this publication, the 8 Effective Teaching Practices were introduced and thoroughly explained. Since then, publications such as Taking Action: Implementing Effective Teaching Practices in Grades K-5, Taking Action: Implementing Effective Teaching Practices in Grades 6-8, Taking Action: Implementing Effective Teaching Practices in Grades 9-12, and The Five Practices in Practice [Elementary]: Successfully Orchestrating Mathematics Discussions in Your Elementary Classroom. These books, along with many other publications and presentations, have contributed to helping us continue to deepen our understanding of what good teaching looks like in math classrooms.

This series will focus on each of the teaching practices. In each session, we will help define the various aspects of the practice, engage in tasks and activities to deepen understanding, and provide time for reflection in order to consider how we’re doing in our classrooms and how we might do better work. The last half hour of each session will be a time for questions of each other as we continue to think about becoming the best mathematics teachers we can be for all of our learners.

Join us for all 8 sessions or just sign up for the ones you think you might benefit from the most. We look forward to sharing space, learning, and thinking with you.

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