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Fall Workshop with Troy Hicks

Troy Hicks

November 2nd
at Butler University, room to be announced


9:00 am-3:00 pm



If we want our students to be writing and analyzing real-world arguments—the kinds of digital texts that influence what they buy, whom they vote for, and what they believe about themselves and their world—we must teach them to understand both the logic of argument as well as how those arguments work when they are streaming in through a Twitter feed, a Facebook wall, viral videos, Internet memes, and links to other blogs or websites. A digital writer's ability to use data works differently in hyperlinked, multimodal contexts. What counts as evidence? How do we make connections from evidence to claims—as both readers and writers? How do we change the way we structure arguments when our conversational partners can respond, in writing, almost immediately to our assertions?

Troy is widely known for his work with middle and high school students and teachers, though he has extensive experience across grade levels. For this workshop, he will focus on grades 4-8.

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