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“I am a Math Person!” (Month of Young Child)

Courtney Flessner

April 22nd
at Virtual Event


4:30 pm-6:00 pm


$20 single session or $75 for series

In April we’re celebrating NAEYC’s Month of the Young Child with a professional development series featuring some of our most beloved early childhood consultants. Sessions are geared towards teachers of Pre-K – First Grade.

“I am a Math Person!” Creating Spaces for Our Youngest Learners to Love Math

Creating spaces and places where children can sort, create patterns, count, and experience math in their world is crucial at any age, even for our youngest learners! In this session with Courtney Flessner, we’ll explore how counting collections can be done during all times—even free play, how to observe children and build off the strengths we see, and how to find a way to insert math into all parts of the school day. This session will help you understand how you can establish an environment where children leave at the end of the day identifying as a “math person.”

Attend this single session for $20, or attend the whole series at a discount rate of $75.

About this Series

All children, at all developmental stages of their lives, bring unique experiences and perspectives to their classrooms. As teachers of all grade levels, we are empowered to create the most ideal learning environments where every child is offered the opportunity to learn, allowed to dive deeply into inquiry, and develop agency in their learning. Our youngest learners are not to be forgotten in this process! As teachers of our youngest learners, we have the opportunity to give them such special learning experiences, school becomes a place they can’t wait to go and where they feel safe to ask questions, take risks, and learn something new every single day. 

During the month of April, we will be celebrating the Month of the Young Child by hosting weekly sessions for teachers in Pre-K – First Grade with some of our most beloved consultants. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from each consultant and then engage in a half hour question and answer session at the end to take a deeper dive into the content of the workshop or ask questions specific to their own classrooms. Join us in celebrating the Month of the Young Child! Our work in growing as educators—even for our youngest learners—is never done!

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