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Math Institute Day 3: Launching the First 20 Days of Math

Ryan and Courtney Flessner

June 25th


9:00 am-3:00 pm


$300 for 3-Day Institute or $125 for Single Day

On the third day of our Math Institute, we’ll delve more deeply into the launch of the first 20 days of math with the goal of helping all teachers understand how they can establish a culture of mathematics teaching and learning in their classroom that teaches children they are mathematicians who love math. 


During the first twenty days, we want children to:

– Engage in mathematics

– Understand there are multiple ways to solve problems

– Realize the way they think about solving problems is unique, important, and can inspire others

– Collaborate

– Inquire and explore

– Ask questions, talk about math, and debate

– Understand the teacher plays the role as a facilitator of their learning

– Take risks

– Love math


This full day workshop will model for teachers the steps of what the first twenty days of math can look like, but is not necessarily a prescription for doing so. Suggestions for each day will be outlined, but what teachers actually do in their classrooms will vary depending on their own teaching styles, the needs of their students, and the other responsibilities they have during those first twenty days of school. Launching the First Twenty Days of Math is designed to complement that which is already taught in math at the start of school (e.g. textbook usage, curricular calendars, etc.). Additionally, academic and social skills learned can easily be utilized in other content areas. This session will be a dynamic way for participants to think deeply about how they start their school year with their students!

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