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Nurturing Writers through Bookmaking in Preschool

Susan Adamson and Libby Duggan

March 10th
at Butler University, South Campus, Room 120


6:00 pm-9:00 pm



When 3- and 4-year-olds get paper, markers, and an invitation to make books—supported by intentional teaching in read-alouds—they engage in complex, sophisticated thinking and composition processes. But we must learn to recognize the qualities of composition and know how to motivate and nurture our youngest writers.

What—and how—do we teach preschool students about writing? What can we say to them about the books they compose? How do we motivate reluctant writers? How do we help families make sense of this ground-breaking work we do in the classroom? This workshop covers these questions and more.

Participating teachers will:

– Consider the theoretical beliefs that make inquiry-based, child-centered teaching of writing possible

– Understand the power of structures and teaching that supports writing development

– Learn strategies for motivating young writers through bookmaking

– Share the benefits of writing-focused read-alouds with families

– Develop children’s identities as writers

In this workshop, we’ll shift focus to what children do know rather than what they don’t, and see the ways in which children come to preschool already ready to build on their strengths as both writers and readers, perhaps even discovering that writing may be a better way into children’s literacy development than reading.

We operate from the core belief that children do not need to “get ready” to be readers and writers; instead, we believe they already are readers and writers—albeit on their own terms—as they live and learn inside literate communities. 

– Katie Wood Ray & Matt Glover (Already Ready, 2008)


This workshop is also offered on March 14, 9 am to 12 pm, so select the option that best fits your schedule.


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