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Spring Math Fest

Ryan and Courtney Flessner

March 7th
at Butler University, South Campus, Room 116


8:30 am-3:00 pm




breakfast, lunch, and a certificate for earned professional development hours

Our popular “Math Fest” returns this spring with all new breakout sessions. Choose your own agenda for a day filled with math education practices you can put to work in your classroom immediately.


Teaching English Learners in Mathematics with Ryan Flessner

Get easily-implemented strategies and activities to help identify the existing mathematical knowledge and experiences of each student—including those who are just beginning to learn the English language and others who struggle to communicate what they already know.

Fact Fluency Interviews with Courtney Flessner

Fact fluency interviews, the mathematical equivalent to running records in reading, help us identify facts that students currently understand and facts that are within the students’ grasp with focused instruction. In this session, participants will be introduced to fact fluency interviews, observe interviews with students, and discuss the ways that educators can capture the mathematical information students exhibit during the interviews.


Social Issues Through the Lens of Math with Ryan Flessner

Practice using mathematics as a lens with which to view the world, exploring the mathematical activity that occurs beyond the four walls of the classroom. Then connect these practical experiences to the ways in which you teach mathematics, helping students use a mathematical lens to learn as well.

Analyzing Fact Fluency Data with Courtney Flessner

What data is collected during fact fluency interviews? What tools can teachers use to analyze that data? How do educators make sense of data for individual children, small groups of learners, and the class as a whole? Each of these questions will be addressed as educators engage with real data from real children.


Visual Literacy in Math Class with Ryan Flessner

Immerse yourself in meaningful mathematical investigations that will help you construct realistic and relevant problems for students to solve. Engage more deeply in the concepts of elementary mathematics as you learn how to create similar experiences for students—ultimately addressing the “real world” applications required by standards without relying on overly simplistic problems.

Driving Instruction from Fact Fluency Data with Courtney Flessner

Once fact fluency interviews have been administered and the assessment data has been analyzed, the information can be used to differentiate instruction. This session will provide ideas for individualized, small group, and whole group instruction.

Early Bird Discount: Register early and save

Registration is $125 per teacher through Jan. 6, 2020. Prices increase to $150 on Jan. 7.


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