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Handouts to Help Families Understand our Teaching Goals

April 23, 2020

Families have always played an important role in supporting our instructional goals at school, but as the family role in education becomes more hands-on, it may be more important than ever for adults to understand what we want students to know—and what research tells us is the best way to teach it.

The Partnership often provides you with these handouts at the beginning of the school year to help you acquaint families with your classroom procedures and expectations, but it may be helpful to share them again during e-learning days—especially with families who are coming to you with questions about why their children's spelling is so bad, or why math looks so different than when they were in school.

4 Things to Know about Reading by Libby Duggan

What do you say to a reader who is struggling to decipher a word—besides "sound it out"? Here are some strategies anyone can teach, plus encouragement to let children read anything that interests them and a reminder that adults play a role in supporting independent readers, too. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT TO SHARE >

5 Things to Know about Teaching and Learning Math by Jessica Miller

Why does math today look different than the math parents and other family members did in school? Jessica has some explanations to help families see the bigger picture, not just the details.  DOWNLOAD HANDOUT TO SHARE >

5 Things Writing Workshop Teachers Want Parents to Know by Libby Duggan

Talking about writing is hard for most of us, but Libby has some questions families can ask their children and other suggestions to help foster a love of writing at home. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT TO SHARE >

5 Reasons to "Make Books" in Pre-K by Julie Patterson

Julie tackles questions like, "Why not just draw a picture? How can my child make a book when she can't read or write?" DOWNLOAD HANDOUT TO SHARE >

Family Packet for Encouraging Games on Break by Christy Plummer and colleagues

This complete packet includes a letter, instructions, scoresheets, and ready-to-cut-out cards prepared by Christy and her colleagues at University School of Nashville. Originally intended to support families over summer and winter break, you may find it helpful during distance learning efforts, too. DOWNLOAD THE PACKET TO SHARE >

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