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Thought Community applications now available, due Aug 31

August 3, 2018

Every month throughout the academic year, we bring together teacher-leaders who are willing to take risks and challenge their own pedagogical assumptions about learning. Each member of our Thought Communities reads professional literature and connects his/her thinking to the "real" literacy and mathematical work that students do. Each develops ways to systematically observe, record and collect study samples from their own classrooms. Each teacher explores new territory, tries new strategies in the classroom, and brings those experiences back to the table for discussion. These experiences drive our monthly meeting agendas and help to inform our teaching and learning.

Teachers must apply to the Partnership's Literacy Thought Community or Mathematics Thought Community. Admission is not guaranteed, but rather, is selective and provides teacher-leaders to collaborate with a handful of the region's best K-8 ELA and math teachers.

Who should apply?

K-8 classroom teachers interested in serving as leaders school-wide, helping implement and support math workshops and facilitate collaborative, strategic curriculum planning among peers. These teachers must have established math workshops and/or reading and writing workshops in their classrooms/schools, as appropriate to the group's content area(s). Applicants must have the support of their principals.


To participate in one of our Thought Communities, each teacher must:

  • Demonstrate interest in and passion for workshop teaching in mathematics, reading, and/or writing, as appropriate to the group's content area.
  • Work with his/her principal to create specific structures and responsibilities that will enable the teacher-leader to bring his/her growing knowledge to peers within the school. This may include, for example: mentoring new teachers, leading grade level meetings or a building-based study group, in-class videotaping for discussion or demonstration purposes, etc.
  • Commit to consistent attendance at the monthly meetings and active engagement in study, discussion, and practice. Meetings will be held from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at Butler University (math) or IPS Butler Lab School #60 (literacy). Specific dates are listed in the Thought Community applications.
  • Obtain financial commitment from the school principal. The cost is $250 per teacher.
  • Contribute to the Partnership's digital content in the form of blog posts, digital images, curriculum resources, etc.


Applications for the Mathematics Thought Community and the Literacy Thought Community are due August 31.

Click on an image below to download the appropriate application.


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