Digital Profiles


There are many options for celebrating a digital profiles unit.  Try getting your students’ input about how they would like to celebrate their work.  Listed below are a few options for your celebration, although your students might come up with even better was to celebrate and publish their work:

  • Over a span of several days, a new profile can be “premiered” in the classroom or at a community-meeting event.
  • Set up “screening rooms” where guests (including family members and other community members) can choose several profiles to watch in different locations.  Have audience members write down their critiques of the profiles ala film critics so that these comments could be used in future advertising or marketing the project.  The other profiles could be burned on a DVD and offered for “sale” or some other way to distribute them.
  • Allow students to present their profiles to pre-selected classrooms in their schools.
  • Create a class website that features the profiles.  (NOTE: Make sure you have appropriate release information from both the student authors and profile subjects.)

See one example of a published digital profile created by Lela Boys-Sibley, a student in Becky Marciniak’s 1st and 2nd grade classroom.


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