Early Childhood

We bring the nation's most respected education experts to our community to share proven classroom strategies and the theoretical foundations behind them with teachers in grades pre-K through 8.

We help teachers working in pre-Kindergarten classrooms establish reading and writing workshops similar to those that we began establishing in grades K-8 more than 15 years ago. We help classroom teachers, administrators, parents—and the preschool students themselves—see that they aren't "getting ready" to read and write, but are already capable of understanding and approximating the work of professional writers and interacting with literature in sophisticated ways.

We support Butler College of Education's (COE) commitment to Reggio-inspired teaching through inquiry-based, child-centered learning opportunities and documentation by extending our well-established model for professional development that has supported pre-service teachers and K-8 educators in similar pedagogy since 1999. Since becoming an official program of Butler's COE, we have worked closely with St. Mary's Child Centers, IPS, and MSD Lawrence, Warren, and Wayne Township schools, bringing the work of renowned scholars including Matt Glover, Katie Wood Ray, and Kathy Collins to life in central Indiana's urban classrooms.


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